Have you ever hired someone to: design a logo, take a photo, create an image or produce a jingle? If so, have you ever asked yourself: “Who owns this stuff?” The general rule of law for copyright ownership is as follows: whoever creates the work owns it. That means if you did not create it, […]

Ever heard the saying, “better to do a thing right the first time than to spend twice as much time doing it over?” I’m pretty sure that phrase was invented just for folks who attempt to start a business without consulting a lawyer. Yes, it is true that there are many legal tasks that you […]

“Trademark or nah?”….. that is a constant question I get asked by clients. My answer: “I don’t know! Let’s talk about it and find out.” There are a lot of factors to consider in determining whether or not you should file your trademark, when you should file it and if it’s worth filing. The following […]

Jackson State University officials recently made the decision to cut the school’s Women’s Golf Program. The program was started in 1994 by now retired (2016) Head Coach and African American Golf Hall of Famer, Eddie Payton. Under Payton’s guidance, the women’s team won 16 Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) titles and became the first Historically Black […]

At some point in life, everyone comes to the realization that their hero is human. That humanness sometimes causes even the best of us to fall short … causes us to make mistakes. But that humanity does not make them any less of a hero. Such is the case with my hero: Tiger Woods. For […]

Click the following link for the official release: PRESS RELEASE– PGA OF AMERICA WELCOMES ITS 5TH AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN   PGA OF AMERICA WELCOMES ITS 5TH AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN Tampa, FL – On April 3, 2017, the PGA of America voted in its latest class of Class A Members. Among them was professional golfer, Mackenzie […]

On Sunday afternoon on hole 12 of the Ana Inspiration, Lexi Thompson was assessed a four-stroke penalty for incorrectly replacing her ball after marking it on the 17th hole of her third round on Saturday. The “mis-marking” was brought to the attention of the LPGA by a non-LPGA personnel viewer who noticed Lexi had not […]

I hear people say all the time, “I want to be a sports lawyer,” or “I want to be in sports law.” But do you really know what sports law is? Honestly, sports law is corporate transactional law with sports as a backdrop. THAT’S IT!! Nothing more, nothing less. I know that when most folks think […]

Attorney Sydnee Mack was featured in the February issue of The Atlanta Tribune. Read the article pictured above or check it out at the following link: https://atltribune.pageflip.site/editions/AT38890.